Regent Global Business Review

Offering insights to successful global business practices, the Regent Global Business Review provides a strategic perspective for entrepreneurs and business executives, incorporating a values-centric, Biblical worldview.

The business environment is complex; and today’s managers and leaders need knowledge and resources to remain competitive and provide meaningful products and services to consumers. Beyond this fundamental purpose, business leaders also seek to perform a greater good in their communities and the world around them. Regent Global Business Review exists to address those areas that will further enhance the practice of business professionals around the globe.

From the needs of a start-up business to those of a multinational corporation, RGBR provides novel insight for today’s managers and leaders who are innovating and creating organizations to anticipate and respond to change in a global business environment. The intent of this publication is to elevate and broaden the perspective of our readers through relevant, compelling articles written from a values-centric or biblical worldview.

As RGBR expands its international subscriber base, our desire is to feature editorial beyond that of a Western perspective. To truly represent global business, we seek to challenge traditional views and consider different or perhaps, new ways of approaching commerce that balance performance goals with responsibilities to employees, consumers and suppliers. Using an editorial approach of exploration, innovation and transformation, we believe that our readers will be enriched as they impact their organizations with worthwhile, enduring results.

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